3D Printing Prototyping


The use of 3D printing technology to develop prototypes is a major leap forward in the electronics industry. EPD uses this technology as a prototyping tool providing our customers value added benefits including faster time-to-market and greater freedom of design and customization. It also allows us to test a design and make any modifications prior to going into production, thus reducing significant time and money to modify a product after it is full production.

Multiple Printers Onsite

EPD uses five 3D printers on site to help reduce the time to market by enabling instant prototyping, in-house instant revision and refit capabilities as well as the ability to go immediately to low and medium volume production all under the same roof as needed for production.

How Does 3D Printing Work with Electronics Prototyping?

3D printing of electronics involves using material jetting technology in an additive process. Just like an ink jet printer, the design is sprayed onto a substrate. In 3D printing, a UV light is used to solidify the material to allow another printing layer to be applied on top of the original. Each layer is solidified and repeated creating a 3D object. Electronics use material jetting that allows the use of multiple materials in the printing process.

Our SLA liquid resin printer produces the highest quality parts using ABS type materials along with impregnated materials for added strength, like nylon and other flexible materials. Our FDM extruded plastic 3D printers offer very robust technology, also printing ABS, carbon fiber like materials and biodegradable PLAs. Finally, we have two headed 3D printers capable of printing two different types of materials within one printing run.

3D Printed PCB Prototyping

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